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Black and White Shots from Daxi and Jiufen

These are oldies, taken in January and September, 2011 while visiting Daxi and Jiufen. They’ll have to make up for the fact that’s been quite a while since I’ve even touched my camera between a few different factors like half marathon training and other hobbies.

Starting off with a shot repeated on this blog. This was taken and posted the first time I visited Daxi.

These are from Daxi:

From Jiufen. I wasn’t paying attention to the gentleman smiling big, so he was out of focus. I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t include it the first time around, but I kind of like the photo, actually.


Street Scenes from Daxi

Last weekend included a trip to a wedding in Taoyuan, followed by a trip to Daxi Village in Taoyuan County.  Like Sanxia, it has an older section of town, but unlike my visit to Sanxia, we arrived too late to see it fully being used and enjoyed by people.

Regardless, I did take some photos of my evening in Daxia, short as it was.